In Raleigh, progress is being made to establish an alternative crisis response program that will improve the overall community crisis response by providing specialized care and support. The city has been holding listening sessions and gathering feedback for several months to develop this program. The team would include social workers, peer support specialists, EMS personnel, and police officers who would work together to respond to specific 911 calls.

The focus of the team would be on providing de-escalation techniques and immediate assistance in emergency situations involving mental health crises. One advocate for mental health patients, Dorine Martin, supports the creation of the program. She believes that increasing services and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health care will help communities become healthier. Martin looks forward to hearing from the city council in April regarding the program’s progress.

The Alternative Crisis Response Program aims to create a more effective and compassionate response to emergency situations involving mental health crises. For more information about the program, visit the given link.

By Samantha Johnson

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