In the upcoming World Cup, Brazil’s most decorated gymnast Rebecca Andrade is set to make her Olympic season debut. The 24-year-old will compete on uneven bars in Antalya, Turkey on March 29, as she prepares for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Andrade has been making history in the sport and is expected to be one of the standout stars at the competition in France.

After winning vault gold and all-around silver at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Andrade continued to make a name for herself in gymnastics. She won numerous accolades including Brazil’s first team medal at the worlds and five medals at the 2023 World Championships.

In Antalya, Andrade will be joined by other top gymnasts such as 2016 Olympic beam champion Sane Vevers, World Team bronze medalist Melanie de Jesús dos Santos, World silver medalist Kailia Nemour and her Brazilian teammates Flavio Saraivera and Olrana Jade Barbosa. Additionally, eight-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina will compete in all four events as she prepares for her last chance to qualify for the Paris Olympics.

In addition to Andrade’s impressive accomplishments, there are several other notable names competing on both sides of the men’s and women’s competitions. On the men’s side, Olympic parallel bronze medalist Ferhat Arican will showcase his skills alongside teammates Ibrahim Colak (still reigning world champion) and Adem Asil (world champion from two years ago). The Antalya World Challenge Cup promises to be an exciting event with top gymnasts from around the world showcasing their skills on an international stage.

By Samantha Johnson

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